Sunday Morning Coffee — August 26, 2018 — Just Thinkin’

August 26, 2018 Observations 4 Comments

There’s only six long, hot, boring days left until Christmas in Alabama and while biding our time we’ve been thinkin’ about some things….

… Seven words I never want to say: “ Michael, keep this between you and me.”

… Ashamed. That’s pretty much how I felt after seeing ‘BlacKkKlansman’ last week. Ashamed how insultated and isolated we were as kids in the 60’s growing up on Long Island’s Whitebread Lane and oblivious to what was going on in our country. And then ashamed I had no inkling about what it must have been like growing up at the same in Birmingham, my adopted hometown the last nineteen years.

… ’Hard Knocks’ has me pulling for the Cleveland Browns. I even like Baker Mayfield though I think he’s the rich man’s Doug Flutie — he’ll be a factor but probably too small and not agile enough to carry a team on his back. Cleveland has lost thirty-three of their last thirty-four regular season games and all sixteen last year. Their Vegas over/under on total wins this season is five and a half. They will lose Week One to the Steelers and Week Two at New Orleans before breaking a nineteen game losing streak at home in Week Three against the Jets. Ouch.

… I’m very glad President Trump hired only the “best.” Can you imagine life with the second string?

… And while we are at it, a real nice job is being done by Chief of Staff John Kelly, who we were assured could keep a short leash on the prez.

…Rudy Giuliani must be proud of Ohio’s State’s Urban Meyer for showing us the truth really isn’t always the truth.

…Be nice, Mr. President, to the McCain family. Your wife has already shown her class this morning. Time to do likewise.

…Jeff Sessions will be back in sweet home by the end of the year and run for his old Senate seat in 2020. He will beat Doug Jones comfortably.

… Our state is waiting to see what Sen. Jones does on the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation vote. His heart says to stay true to the party and veto. His head says to back the will of the deep red and confirm. Either way he loses.

…If you want to feel good for three minutes, swing over to Sirius’ 40s station and listen to Glenn Miller’s ‘In The Mood.’ Works every time.

…So Tiger and Phil are going to play golf for $9 million on the Friday after Thanksgiving without putting up a dime each? Instead, the producers are going to pass the cost on to sponsors and, of course us, selling it as a pay television event. Early talk is in the $40 buy range. Would you pay to see it? I won’t.

…“How’s retirement?” I get asked at least once a day. My answer doesn’t vary — “if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it. Every day is Saturday.”

…Retirement also means staying up late, some nights even until 10:30 with Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Showtime. Loved ‘Goliath’, ‘Safe’, ‘Sneaky Pete’, ‘Succession’, ‘Last Chance U’ and ‘Red Oaks.’ The flip side is I’ve watched the first two seasons of ‘The Man in the High Castle’ and still have no idea what it’s about.

… The Red Sox are really good. The Orioles and Royals aren’t. Boston has won 90 games; Baltimore has lost 93 and Kansas City 90. First one to 100?

…And as long as we are talking baseball, is that Mike Pence loosening up in the bullpen?

…Speaking of disgraced presidents — Kevin Spacey/President Francis Underwood on ‘House of Cards’ not only was stripped of his crown but his career as well. His new film “Billionaire Boys Club” opened in select U.S. markets last weekend. The early returns? Let’s just say opening weekend was also closing weekend. The film grossed $618. Yep, $618. No missing zeroes on the end. $618. Using the average theater ticket price of $9.27 that’s about sixty-six people who saw it.

… Slimy Michael Avenatti running for president? ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ had more watchers than Avenatti will get votes.

A week before kickoff and even these pretty ladies are hungry for Alabama football!

…Mercifully, the long drought in Alabama is about to end. It’s been 225 days since ‘Bama last played a football game. Only six days remain. Saturday is Christmas, Chanukah and Purim rolled into one with the opener against Louisville. Here’s an incredible stat — since 2009, Alabama has lost four home games and won five national championships. Roll Tide.

… I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my cinco de bypass the week before last. I feel like I am the walking poster of never-say-never. I never thought I’d even be able to get out of bed again, never mind be in the gym six mornings a week working as hard as I ever did and feeling really good. No guarantees, I get it, but I am very, very lucky.

… Seriously, does anyone know whatever happened to John Kelly?

…The stock market is up, my A1C is down and college football means cooler temps and colored leaves are a week or two away. Life is good.

Make it a wonderful week.


  • James Murphy says:

    Excellent as ever RB.

  • George says:

    Sadly, you hit the nail on the head about Kelly. Right about spSessions, too, and the rest…

    Don’t count the Jets out against Cleveland. Darnold is looking pretty good.

  • Howard Riech says:

    I imagine the Jets will stink but it’s not a tough division. Football is upon us, and very happy that Roy Berger is alive and well

  • Ron Lonicki says:

    As a former resident of the gracious and beautiful city of Metairie Louisiana Its amazing to think that two total opposites like David Duke and myself lived so close to each other.
    My biggest eye opener was having a policeman writing me over six hundred dollars in vehicle violations which only one was valid…can’t be because I sported an Obama bumper sticker???

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