26th Feb. 2017


"I'll take Boxing for one hundred, Alex." What North American city currently holds the title as the heavyweight boxing capital of the world? "That's easy Alex. What is 'Las Vegas,...

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23rd Feb. 2017

Soothing as a Foghorn

The bad news is it'll set you back about two million bucks. The good news though:  it comes with a 90 day parts and labor warranty. Yes, if you happen...

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12th Feb. 2017

Heads I Win

I really didn't give a flying flip about who won the Super Bowl but now that it's a week later, I'm still not sure I can make heads nor tails...

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5th Feb. 2017

Not So Super Sunday Anymore

What's going on here? Today is the day I was always in my full glory. Absolute on the rocks with a splash of tonic; a dry cabernet; chips; pigs-in-blankets; a...

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21st Jan. 2017


At high noon this afternoon, when Donald Trump agreed to become the 45th President of the United States, at that very same moment, I became a Founding Member of the...

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7th Jan. 2017

No Mas

"Go ahead and put your golf shoes on," my wife said to me. Ah, that Andi Berger. Always looking out for me. Despite it being 19 degrees in Birmingham Saturday...

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16th Dec. 2016

Late For Lunch

Does this stuff only happen to me? Can someone please tell me what's happened to good old customer service and simple common sense. I had an 11:30 am lunch reservation...

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18th Oct. 2016

The Triology

On Trilogy Eve: As sport trilogies go, for my generation, it didn't get any bigger or more dramatic or intense than the three Ali-Frazier fights. These were great fighters who...

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28th Jun. 2016

Hoist A Pint for the Boys!

Ah, no worries yee blokes of England. Yes, you screwed up Brexit beyond comprehension. Yes, you put the world's economy (and mine) into a tailspin, but what's a little lost...

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25th Jun. 2016

Gone Phishing

Scott Berger has done us proud. In every Jewish parents life there are many mitzvahs, celebratory events, as we call them. High school graduation; college graduation; a career job; if...

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20th Jun. 2016

That’s My Boy

I know it's one day post-Father's Day and as much as I enjoyed everyone's posts yesterday about their dads, I still need to take a moment to brag on my...

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6th Apr. 2016


Maybe I've lived in too many places or held too many jobs or just been around too long, but it rarely takes me all six degrees of separation to find...

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