28th Jun. 2016

Hoist A Pint for the Boys!

Ah, no worries yee blokes of England. Yes, you screwed up Brexit beyond comprehension. Yes, you put the world’s economy (and mine) into a tailspin, but what’s a little lost…

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25th Jun. 2016

Gone Phishing

Scott Berger has done us proud. In every Jewish parents life there are many mitzvahs, celebratory events, as we call them. High school graduation; college graduation; a career job; if…

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20th Jun. 2016

That’s My Boy

I know it’s one day post-Father’s Day and as much as I enjoyed everyone’s posts yesterday about their dads, I still need to take a moment to brag on my…

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22nd May. 2016

Talladega Mornings

If you’re Jewish there are some things you just don’t do. Not kosher as we say. You don’t eat a pastrami sandwich on white bread. You don’t sprinkle bacon crumbles…

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6th Apr. 2016


Maybe I’ve lived in too many places or held too many jobs or just been around too long, but it rarely takes me all six degrees of separation to find…

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26th Mar. 2016

52 Years Later

I expected the moment to be surreal, impactful, powerful and sentimental. After all, I’ve carried the vivid memory of it with me for more than 52 years. Finally, I anticipated…

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30th Jan. 2016

President Rand Paul?

Rand Paul for President: Last Friday, the day before I left for Pirates camp, I finished my final pre-camp workout with my Birmingham baseball guru Jarrod Patterson. The former Tiger…

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26th Jan. 2016

Perfect Anyway

The setting and script was Hollywood perfect. Bases loaded. Two out. Top of the last inning. Down a run. The count runs full. The sixty-three year old first baseman is…

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31st May. 2015

Cricket Anyone?

If you think baseball is slow, take a gander at cricket. Baseball is the excitement equivalent of a two-man advantage power play in overtime of the seventh game of the…

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10th May. 2015

Giving Thanks

A great baseball birthday week in Pittsburgh, not often said by non-Pittsburghers, ends with the reality of my first Mother’s Day without my Mom but a new appreciation for many…

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12th Feb. 2015

Top of the League

Being American and a sports fan, I got it honest so-to-speak. Like the rest of us, I’m not much of a soccer guy except World Cup once every four years….

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