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My dream as a kid was to be a sportswriter. And even though my passion was baseball, I always wanted to be a hockey writer. I’m not sure why.

When I graduated the University of Miami with a degree in journalism in 1974 there was no doubt in my mind I had the credentials to cover the New York Rangers– I was Sports Editor, Executive Sports Editor and then I channeled my inner Perry White and was selected Editor-In-Chief of the school newspaper, the Miami Hurricane, which was a national award winner for excellence in journalism. I don’t remember what award we won but I still really like saying it …

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Sunday Morning Coffee — July 14, 2019 — Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

14 Jul 2019 I By Roy Berger

Iconic is one of those buzz words that gets tossed around too easily these days like respect, legend, warrior, represent, and covfefe. If you use iconic to define someone as…


Sunday Morning Coffee — July 7, 2019 — Who Is This Guy and What Have You Done With My Husband?

07 Jul 2019 I By Roy Berger

(Editors note, first of many: The last time my wife pinch-hit for me writing ‘Sunday Morning Coffee’ was two days after my five artery bypass surgery. (RoyBerger.com- August 20, 2017-‘Cinco De Bypass’).…


Sunday Morning Coffee — June 23, 2019 — The Prez and the Juice…Tweeting It Like It Is

23 Jun 2019 I By Roy Berger

They’re two of a kind. They probably couldn’t pass for brothers but nonetheless they’re matching bookends, not so different in any other kind of way. They’re a pair of pips.…


Sunday Morning Coffee — June 16, 2019 — Give Dad A Hug and Other Stuff

16 Jun 2019 I By Roy Berger

It’s Father’s Day.  A wonderful time to kick back, do nothing and maybe write a Sunday Morning Coffee with some stuff that has been percolating. Then again, ‘it’s a wonderful time to…


Sunday Morning Coffee — June 2, 2019 — Super Starr

02 Jun 2019 I By Roy Berger

Bart Starr died last Sunday.  Bart Starr was a Hall of Fame quarterback.  As good as he was tossing a football, he was a better person and humanitarian. The Green…


Sunday Morning Coffee — May 19, 2019 — The War of the Roses

19 May 2019 I By Roy Berger

The Preakness Stakes was run yesterday and nobody cared. War of Will won. Shoulder shrug. Yawn. In a normal racing year, when a legitimate Kentucky Derby winner runs two weeks…

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