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The plan didn’t go exactly the way I thought it would, which, they tell me, is why they make erasers. Or these days a delete button.

After graduating from the University of Miami in 1974 with a degree in communications and a resume that included being sports editor and editor-in-chief of the award-winning school newspaper, the Miami Hurricane, I was certain I’d be headed back to my native New York to cover the Rangers, Knicks, Jets or Yankees for either the New York Daily News, Post or Newsday. Who knows, maybe if I was really lucky, the staid New York Times would be hot on my trail, too …

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Sunday Morning Coffee — October 18, 2020 — A Brother, A President & A World Champion

18 Oct 2020 I By Roy Berger

How far back can you remember things? I mean really remember. Like going back to your childhood and really remembering stuff. I got to thinking about this last week. On…


Sunday Morning Coffee — October 11, 2020 — Mr. Positive

11 Oct 2020 I By Roy Berger

Stay positive. Test negative. Those four words close Norah O’Donnell’s nightly CBS Evening News broadcast. Stay positive. Test negative. Daily, each seems harder to do. Stay positive: will life ever…


Sunday Morning Coffee — October 4, 2020 — To The Victor…

04 Oct 2020 I By Roy Berger

Play it close to the vest. Don’t tip your hand. Be an equal opportunity basher. Have a rack of blue and red neckties. Don’t use this space to try and…


Sunday Morning Coffee — September 20, 2020 — Raiders, Vegas Hit Jackpot

20 Sep 2020 I By Roy Berger

It looks like a gigantic flying saucer that landed on a vacant patch at the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard. Yes, there are still a few remaining parcels on…


Sunday Morning Coffee — September 13, 2020 — A Heavyweight Brawl

13 Sep 2020 I By Roy Berger

Six weeks ago, Joe Biden was sitting pretty as a strong betting favorite to be signing a four-year lease in January for a new house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in…


Sunday Morning Coffee — September 6, 2020 — A Call To The Bullpen

06 Sep 2020 I By Roy Berger

This is a story about how the saver got saved. About the baseball relief pitcher who had to go to the bullpen for help. The right-hander who made a career…

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