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My dream as a kid was to be a sportswriter. And even though my passion was baseball, I always wanted to be a hockey writer. I’m not sure why.

When I graduated the University of Miami with a degree in journalism in 1974 there was no doubt in my mind I had the credentials to cover the New York Rangers– I was Sports Editor, Executive Sports Editor and then I channeled my inner Perry White and was selected Editor-In-Chief of the school newspaper, the Miami Hurricane, which was a national award winner for excellence in journalism. I don’t remember what award we won but I still really like saying it …

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Sunday Morning Coffee — August 2, 2020 — First Pitch, Chinese Virus, Hong Kong Election Delay and a bunch of other stuff…

02 Aug 2020 I By Roy Berger

Yeah, I know, we were supposed to be on hiatus. But when you are awakened from a perfectly delightful midsummer night’s slumber by a barrage of idle thoughts, you take…


Sunday Morning Coffee — July 5, 2020 — Summer Vacation

05 Jul 2020 I By Roy Berger

It’s time for the Sunday Morning Coffee summer hiatus. Take some time off, regroup and as we old guys say, get the lead back in the pencil. But before we…


Sunday Morning Coffee — June 28, 2020 — Flying First Class

28 Jun 2020 I By Roy Berger

Michael Blazek loves flying first class. We all do. For Blazek, a seat in the front of the airplane means career success. Now, barring something totally unexpected, it won’t happen…


Sunday Morning Coffee — June 21, 2020 — A Council of Dads on Father’s Day

21 Jun 2020 I By Roy Berger

It was a Birmingham, Alabama, winter night in January 2017. Or maybe it was February. Not sure which but it was damn cold outside. The four of us were out…


Sunday Morning Coffee — June 14, 2020 — Time For A Shave

14 Jun 2020 I By Roy Berger

If we could have made it to December, we would have been together for fifty years. But we didn’t. I’m sad but I’m also happy. I never saw the breakup…


Sunday Morning Coffee — May 31, 2020 — Vegas Reopens With Free Flights; Nadal Fractures Leg, Retires & Remembering Eddie Haskell

31 May 2020 I By Roy Berger

A few assorted crumpets with your Sunday Morning Coffee: Nevada has done an above average job of managing the C-19 outbreak. To date, the state has had ‘only’ 8,350 cases…

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