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The plan didn’t go exactly the way I thought it would, which, they tell me, is why they make erasers. Or these days a delete button.

After graduating from the University of Miami in 1974 with a degree in communications and a resume that included being sports editor and editor-in-chief of the award-winning school newspaper, the Miami Hurricane, I was certain I’d be headed back to my native New York to cover the Rangers, Knicks, Jets or Yankees for either the New York Daily News, Post or Newsday. Who knows, maybe if I was really lucky, the staid New York Times would be hot on my trail, too …

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February 17, 2024

Sunday Morning Coffee — February 18, 2024 — Sunday Morning Scramble

I’m not sure where to find the answer but how long do you have to live somewhere to have proper license to have community pride? Andi and I have been…
February 10, 2024

Sunday Morning Coffee — February 11, 2024 — Sunday Morning Super Bowl, oops, Big Game Scramble

Originally, in honor of this afternoon’s kickoff, I was going to call this the Super Scramble, but I didn’t want to violate NFL trademarks. So instead it’s the Big Game…
January 27, 2024

Sunday Morning Coffee — January 28, 2024 — Guest Essay

(Note: This is a bye-week for SMC. Too much to contemplate: will today’s Chiefs-Ravens game go over or under 44 points; why does the Nevada Republican Party have both a…
January 20, 2024

Sunday Morning Coffee — January 21, 2024 — Sunday Morning Scramble

Puckin’ around on a Sunday morning (but more on that later): As an Alabama football guy I was as surprised as anyone when Nick Saban decided enough was enough. I…
January 6, 2024

Sunday Morning Coffee — January 7, 2024 — Sunday Morning Scramble

It’s the stadium that technology has bypassed. But it’s iconic. It’s the one the ADA forgot about. It’s almost as fan friendly as Bill Belichick taking a victory lap around…
December 23, 2023

Sunday Morning Coffee — December 24, 2023 — Sunday Morning Scramble

Good morning! Let’s ease out of 2023 with one last Scramble featuring leftovers from Santa’s bag. This weekend Andi and I will spend a couple of days in LA with…

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