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The plan didn’t go exactly the way I thought it would, which, they tell me, is why they make erasers. Or these days a delete button.

After graduating from the University of Miami in 1974 with a degree in communications and a resume that included being sports editor and editor-in-chief of the award-winning school newspaper, the Miami Hurricane, I was certain I’d be headed back to my native New York to cover the Rangers, Knicks, Jets or Yankees for either the New York Daily News, Post or Newsday. Who knows, maybe if I was really lucky, the staid New York Times would be hot on my trail, too …

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Sunday Morning Coffee — October 17, 2021 — “He Owes This Entire City An Apology…”

17 Oct 2021 I By Roy Berger

Jon Gruden had everything in the world going for him. And then he didn’t. Jon Gruden had stature, celebrity and fame. And then he didn’t. In one gigantic turnover, after…


Sunday Morning Coffee — October 10, 2021 — Sunday Morning Scramble

10 Oct 2021 I By Roy Berger

Saturday night was a tough night for Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Their football team, riding a 19-game winning streak and number one in the country for another day or two, got beat…


Sunday Morning Coffee — October 3, 2021 — Strip Monopoly; For Pete’s Sake and Take This Job…

03 Oct 2021 I By Roy Berger

It’s the ultimate contest of Monopoly and MGM Resorts appears to have an insurmountable lead. If the name of the game is purchasing as many properties as you can and…


Sunday Morning Coffee — September 26, 2021 — The Right Choice

26 Sep 2021 I By Roy Berger

It was three years ago last week that we loaded up the truck and headed to Beverly. Okay, it wasn’t really a truck, just Andi’s Jeep. And unlike the Clampetts,…


Sunday Morning Coffee — September 19, 2021 — Not My Kind Of Town

19 Sep 2021 I By Roy Berger

Come on Cincinnati, what did I ever do to you? I’ve only been in your fair city once and thought I conducted myself as a gentleman. I ate your renowned…


Sunday Morning Coffee — September 12, 2021– Beating the ‘Book

12 Sep 2021 I By Roy Berger

Joe Asher hasn’t had a losing season betting on football since 2008. As the NFL slate begins in earnest today, he knows he’ll be hard- pressed to keep that 12-year…

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