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The plan didn’t go exactly the way I thought it would, which, they tell me, is why they make erasers. Or these days a delete button.

After graduating from the University of Miami in 1974 with a degree in communications and a resume that included being sports editor and editor-in-chief of the award-winning school newspaper, the Miami Hurricane, I was certain I’d be headed back to my native New York to cover the Rangers, Knicks, Jets or Yankees for either the New York Daily News, Post or Newsday. Who knows, maybe if I was really lucky, the staid New York Times would be hot on my trail, too …

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Sunday Morning Coffee — November 22, 2020 — 57 Years Ago Today 🇺🇸

22 Nov 2020 I By Roy Berger

It probably started out like any other Friday in the sixth grade at Meadowbrook Elementary School. No doubt the same scene played out in every school across the country. East…


Sunday Morning Coffee — November 15, 2020 — Graceful Exit?; Baseball DUI; Maui, NC; Son On The Move & A Bunch More

15 Nov 2020 I By Roy Berger

Thank you Mr. Trump for your four years of service but now it’s time to leave. The board of directors of the United States, the electorate, have spoken and decided…


Sunday Morning Coffee — November 8, 2020 — New Stadium, New Hotel, Same Old, Same Old

08 Nov 2020 I By Roy Berger

A football game and a football wager. Nothing out of the ordinary. But what’s ordinary anymore? Nevada, the slowest vote counting state this side of Pennsylvania, needed a shot in…


Sunday Morning Coffee — November 1, 2020 — Come Wednesday, Can We Still Be Friends?

01 Nov 2020 I By Roy Berger

So, you had a bad weekend betting football. You’re down to your last C-note and need a live underdog to get you out of the hole. There are two potential…


Sunday Morning Coffee — October 25, 2020 — Hula Hoops, Mom’s Meatballs and Laura Petrie

25 Oct 2020 I By Roy Berger

Things That Made Me Smile As A Kid: The end of every Cub Scout meeting. A Creamsicle. Wearing a baseball uniform. Avoiding Rudy Kemper in dodgeball. An open-faced hot turkey…


Sunday Morning Coffee — October 18, 2020 — A Brother, A President & A World Champion

18 Oct 2020 I By Roy Berger

How far back can you remember things? I mean really remember. Like going back to your childhood and really remembering stuff. I got to thinking about this last week. On…

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