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My dream as a kid was to be a sportswriter. And even though my passion was baseball, I always wanted to be a hockey writer. I’m not sure why.

When I graduated the University of Miami with a degree in journalism in 1974 there was no doubt in my mind I had the credentials to cover the New York Rangers– I was Sports Editor, Executive Sports Editor and then I channeled my inner Perry White and was selected Editor-In-Chief of the school newspaper, the Miami Hurricane, which was a national award winner for excellence in journalism. I don’t remember what award we won but I still really like saying it …

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Sunday Morning Coffee — May 19, 2019 — The War of the Roses

19 May 2019 I By Roy Berger

The Preakness Stakes was run yesterday and nobody cared. War of Will won. Shoulder shrug. Yawn. In a normal racing year, when a legitimate Kentucky Derby winner runs two weeks…


Sunday Morning Coffee — May 12, 2019 — Shining Down on Mother’s Day

12 May 2019 I By Roy Berger

Hi Mom...Happy Mother’s Day!  Did you know today is Mother’s Day?   Do you have calendars, or even time, up there? Everything down here is just fine.  We all miss you.…


Sunday Morning Coffee — April 28, 2019 — Vegas Born. Vegas Strong.

28 Apr 2019 I By Roy Berger

The hockey season in Las Vegas ended with a thud on Tuesday night. Two years ago that might have gotten a shoulder shrug and a yawn.  At best.  It might have…


Sunday Morning Coffee — April 21, 2019 — Still Friends (For Now)

21 Apr 2019 I By Roy Berger

Incredibly, with as much as Tiger Woods and J.J. Steinhoff have in common, they’ve never played in the same foursome. Consider. They both attended college on a golf scholarship.  Tiger,…


Sunday Morning Coffee — April 14, 2019 — The Junk Drawer

14 Apr 2019 I By Roy Berger

Thankfully, for you, the ‘Sunday Morning Coffee’ hiatus is at long last over. The new website at royberger.com is up and running to absolutely no plaudits. But, while we took a two…


Sunday Morning Coffee — March 31, 2019 — What Are We Waiting For?

31 Mar 2019 I By Roy Berger

My brother took a long look at the two ladies sitting in a booth by the window. One had ordered a pastrami sandwich that was piled higher than an architect’s…

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