Having SMC from my trendy Roll Tide Roll mug finishing up the morning papers from 1973. And despite the 95 degree temps and 90% humidity in the state that gave you Paul Bryant, George Wallace and Attorney General Sessions, we are only 20 crimson and orange shopping days from our Dixie Christmas- the opening of...
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When former Yankee Fritz Peterson takes a few minutes out of his day to drop you a note, you’re glad you did it. When the Dodgers’ Maury Wills phones on a cold, dark winter evening just to tell you how much he enjoyed your work, you feel warm all over and glad you didn’t listen...
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It’s all his fault. Anyone that has known me for a while, knows just how characteristically improbable the last six years have been. February 7, 2009, against my wishes, we adopted Ibis as a four month old chow-retriever mix. We hated each other. Andi sent us both to remedial training to try and learn how...
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