12th Mar. 2017

That Nasty “R” Word

Relegation. Whether you communicate in the Queen's English or the abridged version we've used over here for the past 240 years or even Alabama-speak, it's one of those words that...

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29th Jan. 2017

Safe At Home

With one swing of Mike LaValliere's bat, Steve Carlton's days as a Philadelphia Phillie were about to end. With one snap decision of LaValliere's managing mind, my days as a...

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22nd Jan. 2017

I Ain’t No Pipp!

Five months ago, almost to the day, I was lying a hospital bed fresh off shoulder surgery. Today, I just didn't want to take any chances. So before manager Mike...

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10th Jan. 2017

Wheels Up

'Beating the rush' took on a whole new meeting late Monday night into early Tuesday morning in Tampa. Don't get me wrong, I'm the last guy that wants to get...

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1st Jan. 2017

My Fair Lady

On paper it seemed like the perfect plan. We haven't been out for New Year's Eve in probably a decade. Undoubtedly in our time together we've been there, probably done...

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23rd Oct. 2016

Best seats in the house

A sure sign of getting old is when you wake-up (that's a good thing) on a beautiful Saturday morning in Alabama and you are thankful for two things: college football...

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31st Jul. 2016

First Pitch

I've gotten base hits off former major league pitchers; okay maybe their best years were in the JFK era but so what? Most still threw harder than I can see...

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22nd May. 2016

Talladega Mornings

If you're Jewish there are some things you just don't do. Not kosher as we say. You don't eat a pastrami sandwich on white bread. You don't sprinkle bacon crumbles...

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26th Mar. 2016

52 Years Later

I expected the moment to be surreal, impactful, powerful and sentimental. After all, I've carried the vivid memory of it with me for more than 52 years. Finally, I anticipated...

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30th Jan. 2016

President Rand Paul?

Rand Paul for President: Last Friday, the day before I left for Pirates camp, I finished my final pre-camp workout with my Birmingham baseball guru Jarrod Patterson. The former Tiger...

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26th Jan. 2016

Perfect Anyway

The setting and script was Hollywood perfect. Bases loaded. Two out. Top of the last inning. Down a run. The count runs full. The sixty-three year old first baseman is...

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