Sadly, for all six of you Sunday Morning Coffee readers, this will be the last one for a couple of months. I’d like to tell you we are taking a winter hiatus and going fishing but the only place you’ll find a Jew fishing is at the seafood counter inside Publix. What we’re really doing is taking...
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Yessiree Mr. President, you had a great first year. In fact it probably was the greatest year in the history of years. We know that because you keep reminding us of it. It started with the largest crowd ever to see a Presidential inauguration. Even though thousands of people were dressed as empty spaces, you...
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When we moved to Birmingham about nineteen years ago, I was told by a lifelong Alabamian to be proud about one thing. “What’s that?” I asked with my Yankee twang. “You ain’t living in Mississippi.” With all due respect to our western neighbors, our time in central Alabama has been wonderful. It’s become sweet home....
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