I know it’s one day post-Father’s Day and as much as I enjoyed everyone’s posts yesterday about their dads, I still need to take a moment to brag on my boy. He’s not your normal companion. He shows dogged determination in getting done what he needs to do. He doesn’t beg for attention; he just...
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Maybe I’ve lived in too many places or held too many jobs or just been around too long, but it rarely takes me all six degrees of separation to find commonality with someone. Unless of course it’s the President of the Ukraine but now that I think about it my favorite server, in my favorite...
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This isn’t about baseball, only it’s a baseball setting. This is about life. This is about friendship. This is about not taking anything or any moment for granted. It’s about the gift we are given to both see and smell how green the centerfield grass really is. Last Wednesday morningĀ at the age of 62 my...
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