9th Jul. 2017

Sunday Morning Coffee – July 9, 2017

It's Sunday morning, the coffee's hot in the very trendy-for-the-fortnight Wimbledon mug, and after a four week blog hiatus some stuff is rattlin' around in my head: How many times...

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18th Jun. 2017

England Swings

Donald and Little Donald. Is the world ready for this potential political high-wire act? England swings like a pendulum do....... When songwriter Roger Miller first penned that back in '65,...

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21st May. 2017

One Minute; One Week

Where does time go? One minute you enter the world on a rainy 1952 Tuesday afternoon in the Bronx and the next you are turning 65 on a sunny Saturday...

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7th May. 2017

Do Dah (Birth)Day

I turned 65 yesterday. Okay, that's over with. So thanks to everyone who sent well-wishes. Also thanks to everyone that didn't want to mention my age or didn't know about...

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13th Apr. 2017

Funny Man

Passover seders were a little less jovial this week than they've been for the last 90 years. Don Rickles left us last Thursday and suddenly the world isn't as funny...

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26th Feb. 2017


"I'll take Boxing for one hundred, Alex." What North American city currently holds the title as the heavyweight boxing capital of the world? "That's easy Alex. What is 'Las Vegas,...

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23rd Feb. 2017

Soothing as a Foghorn

The bad news is it'll set you back about two million bucks. The good news though:  it comes with a 90 day parts and labor warranty. Yes, if you happen...

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12th Feb. 2017

Heads I Win

I really didn't give a flying flip about who won the Super Bowl but now that it's a week later, I'm still not sure I can make heads nor tails...

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5th Feb. 2017

Not So Super Sunday Anymore

What's going on here? Today is the day I was always in my full glory. Absolute on the rocks with a splash of tonic; a dry cabernet; chips; pigs-in-blankets; a...

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21st Jan. 2017


At high noon this afternoon, when Donald Trump agreed to become the 45th President of the United States, at that very same moment, I became a Founding Member of the...

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7th Jan. 2017

No Mas

"Go ahead and put your golf shoes on," my wife said to me. Ah, that Andi Berger. Always looking out for me. Despite it being 19 degrees in Birmingham Saturday...

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