Thank you Mom

Mom, you would have loved last night. You know it’s not every often me, Mike and Kenny get together anymore. Everyone’s busy doing their own thing and even if we wanted to spend more time with each other we have miles to overcome: I am literally a thousand miles away...
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Iron Bowl

It’s said the best day of the year in Alabama to go grocery shopping, get a table without waiting at Cracker Barrel or even drive blindfolded, is the last Saturday of November when Alabama plays Auburn and the state, and it’s five million residents go on television lockdown for three-plus...
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Best seats in the house

A sure sign of getting old is when you wake-up (that’s a good thing) on a beautiful Saturday morning in Alabama and you are thankful for two things: college football and you’re not living in Mississippi. So, as your alma mater stinks and the Jets season once again for all...
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The Triology

On Trilogy Eve: As sport trilogies go, for my generation, it didn’t get any bigger or more dramatic or intense than the three Ali-Frazier fights. These were great fighters who not only disliked each other but we, the public, also took sides, not always for the right reason. As sport...
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Sweet Botswana

What’s a nice Jewish boy from Long Island doing in a place like this?     For a guy who the word ‘outdoors’ means leaving the house to find the newspaper on the driveway or a summer night at the ball park and ‘bush’ means anything but the African wilderness...
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First Pitch

I’ve gotten base hits off former major league pitchers; okay maybe their best years were in the JFK era but so what? Most still threw harder than I can see and all got paid for playing a game that for the rest of us was nothing but a dream. I’ve...
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Hoist A Pint for the Boys!

Ah, no worries yee blokes of England. Yes, you screwed up Brexit beyond comprehension. Yes, you put the world’s economy (and mine) into a tailspin, but what’s a little lost quid among friends? Yes, your Prime Minister has resigned and you just might get Boris Johnson, who’s hairstyle and persona...
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Gone Phishing

Scott Berger has done us proud. In every Jewish parents life there are many mitzvahs, celebratory events, as we call them. High school graduation; college graduation; a career job; if you get lucky maybe an engagement, wedding and grandkids. And of course their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. But the biggie,...
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