Giving Thanks

A great baseball birthday week in Pittsburgh, not often said by non-Pittsburghers, ends with the reality of my first Mother’s Day without my Mom but a new appreciation for many things in life thanks to the prose of the late Stuart Scott. Friday night with Andi Berger at PNC Park for...
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Top of the League

Being American and a sports fan, I got it honest so-to- speak. Like the rest of us, I’m not much of a soccer guy except once every four years. However, 2014 was a pretty good year for me to cross events on my get ’em done while you can list....
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Rescue Me

It’s all his fault. Anyone that has known me for a while, knows just how characteristically improbable the last six years have been. February 7, 2009, against my wishes, we adopted Ibis as a four month old chow-retriever mix. We hated each other. Andi sent us both to remedial training...
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Where’s Ilie Nastase?

Just back from a successful Medjet trip to London to meet with our underwriters from Lloyd’s and for the first time stayed a few extra days to visit Wimbledon for the tournament. So if you’re a tennis fan here are some random Sunday musings: –What ever happened to Bud Collins? –The best...
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This isn’t about baseball, only it’s a baseball setting. This is about life. This is about friendship. This is about not taking anything or any moment for granted. It’s about the gift we are given to both see and smell how green the centerfield grass really is. Last Wednesday morning at...
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The Masters

If you’re a golf fan, or sports fan or just want a taste of Americana, this out of the way burgh in east Georgia needs to be on your to-do list. It took me almost 62 years to finally get here. It’s rivals Wimbledon and Colorado as mecca’s of sports...
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